Our Authorizer
Learning for Leadership is authorized by Pillsbury United Communities (PUC). PUC creates choice, change, and connection. 

PUC charter schools:

- offer bold and innovative educational strategies;

- provide an environment that promotes respect for all students and their individual identities; and

- engage students in academic and authentic learning opportunities, service learning, and personal development.

Contact our authorizer liaison at:
Larry McKenzie, Charter School Liaison
Pillsbury United Communities
Urban Institute - Charter Authorization Department
125 West Broadway Avenue, Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Direct Line (612) 302-3409
Fax (612) 302-3490



Learning for Leadership Charter School
3300 5th St NE Minneapolis MN 55418
Phone 612.789.9598
Fax 612.789.0547
​email info@learningforleadership.org

Upcoming School Board Meetings:

Special Meeting June 19th 6:00pm to 8:30pm 

Regular Meeting June 28th 6:00pm to 7:30pm (Rescheduled from 6/29/17)

(From the Minnesota School Board Association website www.mnmsba.org):
What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of the School Board?

The major function of the school board is to provide leadership, policy development, policy oversignt, and communication. This is usually accomplished by adopting policies which the administrators and staff carry out.

Areas for which the board is responsible for policy include but are not limited to:
*Educational program development and monitoring
*Student assessment
*Student support services
*Employee relations including hiring, inservice, and evaluation
*Instructional materials
*Facility use
*Extracurricular activities
*Board operations

Other Board roles include:
*Budget adoption, revenue management, and expenditure authorization
*Superintendent selections, contract, and evaluation
*Long range planning
*Ratifying collective bargaining agreements
*Care and maintenance of facilities
*Public relations
*Legislative involvement

The qualities of leadership that have been identified are: integrity, perseverance, commitment, ability to plan, vision, initiative, and courage. Effective board members share a number of these characteristics and are also able to work as a team member.


Home of the Mustangs

School Board

​​Meeting Dates and Times:
Learning for Leadership Charter School Board meets at the school (3300 5th Street NE). Board meetings are open to the public. Parents, staff, students and community members are encouraged to attend. 

Board meetings are generally held the last Thursday of each month at 5:15 PM unless otherwise noted - see school calendar or Calendar page for details.

Call 612-789-9598 for more information.

Board Members:
Susan Samaha, Community Member
Contact: susan.a.samaha@gmail.com, 612-789-9598

Patricia Hampton, Teacher, Chair
Contact: phampton@learningforleadership.org, 612-735-8726

Jen Reger, Teacher
Contact: jreger@learningforleadership.org, 763-245-8909

Shawn Henricks, Parent, Treasurer
Contact: 612-789-9598

Mohamuud Mohamuud, Teacher, Secretary
Contact: mmohamuud@learningforleadership.org, 612-735-9055